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Adjunct August

Originally posted by madfreewayflier at Adjunct August
PickAdjunctThousands of California Faculty have been gearing up for fall semester, some of them without a contract, most without benefits and the overwhelming majority working for pennies on the dollar of real faculty salaries. The economics of greed continue to play out in academia, as elsewhere in the "land of the free", with astronomical salaries at the top and returns to brokers, bankers and investors protected by taxpayers, while protections for workers are aggressively eroded by our crony capitalist legal system. The hope that we hold is that we can find solidarity with a new generation of students and young people who are not duped by anti-union rhetoric and the touted "American Dream," a phantom carrot hung-over from the Roosevelt century. [BTW the Pickety-fan economist in the photo is my significant other, D, Calvin Gogerty, who only rarely does teaching.]

We NTT faculty do have our own grassroots organizations, among them COCAL and New Faculty Majority, at the national level, and numerous advocacy groups like California Part-time Faculty Association, at local levels. Those without the time to participate are urged to provide whatever financial support you can. As noted,
"Any critical analysis needs to recognize the fact that during the last two decades of COCAL conferences, working conditions for NTT have deteriorated substantially: compensation has decreased when adjust-ed for inflation, while the gap between TT and NTT compensation has increased and the number of NTT faculty has soared." – Peter D, G. Brown at COCAL XI from the COCAL X Report posted by Vanessa Vaile 8/8/14 http://www.scribd.com/doc/236528801/COCAL-XI-Report-8-8-14

For those following this blog for news of Mt. San Jacinto Community College in Southern California: Friday's contract negotiation meeting ended with evidence of movement in the direction of salary increase. A new survey will be sent to our members this week. CWA/UPTE members, PLEASE check your e-mail soon and VOTE! We will be preparing a new proposal for the next session and we need a majority opinion on issues!
An opportunity to get involved: a Student-Faculty TEACH-IN is scheduled for September 9 in room 1255 at the MSJC Main (SJC) campus from 12:30 - 2:00 pm. Adjunct Faculty and supporting Full Time Faculty are
encouraged to join the discussion -- and share giant subs and soft drinks.

Teachers, Are you Ready to go to War? [for teachers, in general]

"Adjuncts are the Walmart workers of education, except for this: These folks come highly skilled and they're fiercely dedicated." In case you missed it:  Khanh Ho's "Silence of Lambs" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/khanh-ho/adjuncts-in academia_b_4144614.html

August Updates from Joe Berry:

CUNY adjuncts secure health benefits [Q: What is the eligibility level? Ans: about 2,000, those over 6 units after 3 semesters.] http://www.universityherald.com/articles/10848/20140811/cuny-adjuncts-assured-health-insurance.htm

SEIU pulls organizing petition at U of LaVerne (LA area) after losing NLRB challenges.

New network possible for adjuncts organizing at Catholic (and other religious-afiliated) schools -- On Aug 7, 2014, at 8:56 AM, Maria Maisto <maria.maisto@newfacultymajority.info> and
New Faculty Majority newfacultymajority.org

University of Alaska Fairbanks community protested their Board of Regent's decision to award the UA president a $320,000 contract completion bonus in the midst of a UA statewide $26 million deficit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481253575424243/

Recent blog by Gordon Haber

These people work far more but are paid far less, and are teaching your children

The ageism of diversity [especially for adjuncts]
https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2014/08/13/essay-age-discrimination-faculty-hiring and on the same topic

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