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madfreewayflier's Journal

Part-Time Faculty

Mad Freeway Flier! I love mountain roads. I’m a “freeway flier” or “road scholar,” an academic with no real professorship. I co-authored a book about the experience with my friend Douglas Snow (The Freeway Flier and the Life of the Mind is available on Amazon) and I'm active on the Executive Committee of California Part-time Faculty Association, an advocacy group.

My profile photo is old, but here I am at my Metropolitan debut! My Lone Mountain College (University of San Francisco) friend who took the photo is now the archivist for Carnegie Hall. I live in California and no longer sing, though I enjoy hearing the good voices of others. I'm interested in hearing what others think of the "part-time" scholar phenomenon.
architecture, baroque music, blues, cajun and world music, celtic fusion, classic rock, classical music, cooking, desert literature, early music, folklore and myth, gardening, higher education, lute and guitar music, opera, part-time faculty issues, poetry, rhetoric, turkish, visual rhetoric, western regional literature, world news